It Changes Everything

UX Engine adapts every page, every offer, every interaction, every use case to match each user’s preferences, tastes and intent. That’s personalization.

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The All-in-One Solution

An integrated system for experience automation, personalization and measurement.

Personalization algorithms alone are no longer sufficient to deliver true bespoke offerings. Scalable automation and workflows, AI-driven prediction, data orchestration and analytical insights are essential to great one-to-one user experience.

ContentWise UX Engine | Contentwise

Full-page Optimization

UX Engine personalizes the entire UI, non just content.

UX Engine controls not just elements inside a predefined carousel or “widget” but it also reorganizes layout elements themselves, extending personalization to the entire page. No need to build layouts manually and to use static segmentation of your user base.

Full-page Optimization | Contentwise

User-Tailored Genres

Millions of dynamic, AI-generated content collections.

UX Engine reorganizes content in user customized genres and automatically suggest the ones that resonate with user’s taste and context, offering a dynamic, personalized alternative to traditional UI paradigms.

User-Tailored Genres | Contentwise

AI-Assisted Editorial Control

The right mix of human wisdom and algorithmic automation.

UX Engine can seamlessly blend the two approaches, enabling use cases where editorial selection recipes are enhanced by algorithmic personalization. Different curation approaches and personalization mechanisms blend and interlock for maximum flexibility.

AI-Assisted Editorial Control | Contentwise

Open Connector Ecosystem

A platform to integrate and manage third-party applications.

UX Engine can integrate and manage third-party applications and use cases. Capable of supporting content discovery, search and content feeds from any third party service, ContentWise is an open platform for experience management.

Open Connector Ecosystem | Contentwise

“SK Broadband ultimately wants to deliver 4.6 million different home pages to each of our 4.6 million customers of B tv. ContentWise is essential to the success of our ‘Customer Value Innovation’ strategic initiative.”

Chang Wan You - VP Head of Media Business, SK Broadband
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Page Personalization

Provide 1to1 personalization easier, faster, and better.


Machine-learning, filtering and contextual algorithms.

Personalized Micro-Genres

Generate millions of unique genres to match users’ taste.

UI Layouts

Control and automate page elements and use cases.

Business Rules

Define recipes to improve business KPIs.

Curated Lists

Manage editorial selections and curated feeds.

Rule-Based Lists

Editorial lists that automatically add or remove items based on availability.

Novelty Enhancer

Apply small variations to specific use cases to increase variance.

Personalized Search

Search results are re-ordered to match the user’s taste profile.

Targeting Segments

Reusable target segmentation across multiple configurations.

Change Scheduling

Plan changes to pages and layouts in advance.

Availability Windows

Automatically manage the availability of any pre-loaded item or offering.

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