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We are 100% focused on helping companies deliver superior digital customer experiences.

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ContentWise has built the most comprehensive user experience automation solution for video operators, digital media brands and online retailers.

Our software helps marketing, editorial, content and digital merchandising teams predict intent, personalize the user experience, optimize catalogs and automate targeting.

Artificial Intelligence

We are, at our core, data science and AI engineers, and we have weaved algorithms, machine learning and prediction into ContentWise from inception.

Bespoke Personalization

We understand the interplay of content, consumers’ preferences and the context in which they live to create a uniquely personalized experience at scale.

Smart Automation

We think “can we reliably automate this?” but never at the expense of control. All automation at must augment and enhance customer control, not stifle it. i.e. no blackbox.

Focused Excellence

We are great at one thing. Building and deploying analytics, optimization and automation software for global tier-1 customers in a variety of industries.

A Global Software Company

Offices in three continents. Global customers. Hundreds of millions of users.

ContentWise is a privately-held, profitable company founded in 2007. In just over a decade, ContentWise has established itself as one of the leading personalization and customer experience software companies in the world, managing the daily digital interactions of hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

“Telefónica is changing the way users interact with our video products, following the principle of always placing them at the center of the experience. With the ContentWise solution, we can offer viewers personalized and simplified user experiences.”

Pablo Antolin - Product Manager for LATAM Video Platform, Telefonica
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Customer Experience is Everywhere

ContentWise manages digital user experience across industries and markets.

Industries - Video | Contentwise


User Experience automation and personalization for broadcast, OTT and pay TV.

Industries - Publishing | Contentwise


Real-time content feed personalization solution for digital media and news.

Industries - Fashion | Contentwise

CW Fashion

Digital experience software that understand each consumer’s personal style.

Join the Team

Technology, ambition, and problems worth solving.

At ContentWise, we have a special relationship with data, engineering and machine intelligence. We are bringing personalization to new frontiers in marketing and business automation. Do you have what it takes?

“In the world of technology, big ideas are what drives growth and creates new markets. We need the right people to go after them.”

Paolo Bozzola, CEO, ContentWise

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