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Putting CX at the center of your strategy.

With its integrated suite of AI-powered tools, ContentWise  ingests and processes user, content, context, catalog and activity data to optimize CX at every touchpoint.

Automate the digital storefront.

ContentWise automatically controls UI elements by balancing machine learning and assisted editorial curation. It selects use cases, content streams and offers to maximize storefront KPIs.

Deliver a personalized, self-tuning experience.

ContentWise profiles customers to personalize each user’s experience with predictive search, discovery, taste matching, personal collections, recommendations and personalized UI layouts.

Give superpowers to editorial and marketing teams.

ContentWise assisted curation uses data to help editorial teams analyze behaviors, measure catalog performance, automate low-level tasks and easily assemble personalization recipes.

Generate richer metadata for better personalization.

ContentWise acts as a central metadata orchestrator. It ingests commercial and proprietary metadata sources and merges, deduplicates, enriches and publishes it to any service, for any application.

UX Engine

UX Engine adapts every interaction, every page, every offer, every use case to match a user’s tastes and intent. That’s bespoke personalization.

All-in-One Solution

Leverage Personalization + Content Discovery + UX Orchestration.

Full-page Optimization

Personalize the entire service UI, not just single page blocks.

User-Tailored Collections

Display millions of AI-generated, dynamic content collections.

AI-Assisted Editorial Control

Exploit the right mix of human insights and algorithmic automation.

Metadata Foundry

Unshackle metadata from proprietary silos to create superior and engaging CX at scale.

Source Integration

Source and merge metadata from virtually any 3rd-party provider


Enrich metadata by integrating dishomogeneous information.

Central Hub

Leverage a single management and publishing point for all metadata.

Editorial Workflow

Trigger, manage, and speed up editorial workflows.

Data Insights

Measure the effectiveness of your personalization strategy, closing the data loop with AI-assisted technology.

Personalization Effectiveness

Measure the true effect of personalization and editorial strategies.

Financial KPIs

Understand the real business impact of a personalized user experience.

Agile Customization

Adapt dashboards, KPIs, and new use cases to strategic business goals.

UX Assistant

Spot areas of improvement to maximize the impact of personalization.

Catalog Builder

Shorten time to market and improve the quality of your product catalog by automating routine tasks and integrating customer relationship data.

Content Generation

AI-generated multilingual tags and descriptions from product pictures.

Catalog Workflow Hub

Manage the catalog creation workflow in a single unified platform.

Data Normalization

Import and optimize items from any third party suppliers.

Brand Consistency

Apply the same brand stylistic tone of voice to every digital asset.


Dynamically redesign the digital experience with AI, based on each customer preference, style, and intent. Increase satisfaction, repurchase rate, and loyalty.

Concierge-like Experience

A memorable and unique online shopping experience.

Segment of One

AI-powered page personalization to match each customer's needs and intent.

Individual Styles

AI-generated individual styles that customers love.

Personalized Outfits

Suggests the best clothes combination to complete custom outfits.

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