More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Metadata should describe content, products and offers with depth, nuance and granularity. With Metadata Foundry, we unshackle it from proprietary silos to create better data.

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Data Source Integration

Any Metadata, From Any Source

Metadata Foundry is open and can source and merge metadata from virtually any third-party provider. Operators can also integrate their own data sources, ensuring the ability to support applications in any language, any market and any category.

ContentWise Metadata Foundry

Metadata Enrichment

Expanding the depth and granularity of data

By integrating and intelligently merging dishomogeneous sources, Metadata Foundry enriches your data. It can assemble rules and metadata from one source and other rules and metadata from a different dataset.

Metadata Enrichment | Contentwise

Central Hub

An intelligent central hub for metadata

Metadata Foundry is a single storage, manipulation, distribution and publishing center for a all metadata. This single source generates flexible publishing models that work on multiple services, applications and devices.

Central Hub | Contentwise

Editorial Workflow

Simplifying the life of metadata editors

When Metadata Foundry encounters a problem it triggers a workflow. If, for example, an item is missing fields in a language, Metadata Foundry automatically translates labels and then triggers a verification workflow and approval queue.

Editorial Workflow | Contentwise

Autonomous Editing

Human-like ability to catch and correct inaccuracies

Because all information and relationships between items are stored in a graph, Metadata Foundry can automatically resolve errors and inaccuracies, evaluate the impact of changes and propagate them to the affected publishing models.

Semantic Intelligence | Contentwise

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Metadata Hub

Centralized and scalable metadata hub across different systems.

Data Ingestion

Ingest data from external sources through specialized adapter modules.

Data Extraction

Extract structured information, such as tags, from text descriptions.


The data book-of-record for the entire metadata lifecycle.

Smart Merging

Intelligently blend data from different sources.

Entity Reconciliation

Prevent duplications and maintain a high-quality dataset.


Detect bundled information and reorganize it in the graph.


A flexible workflow model for the entire metadata editorial lifecycle.

Event-driven Publishing

Propagate time-sensitive updates has they enter the system.

Application Optimization

Optimize metadata for specific uses in UI, search or recommendations.