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A New Kind of Experience Management Software

Customer experience management is today critical to creating sustainable customer relationships. You need a new kind of digital experience toolset.

Experience Personalization | Contentwise

Experience Personalization

At its core, ContentWise is about bespoke personalization. We use machine learning, data science and automation at scale to deliver uniquely tailored experiences.

Interface Automation | Contentwise

Interface Automation

Recommendations, discovery and analytics are just one part of user experience. ContentWise reacts to user behavior and automatically adapts the user interface and its content in real-time.

Editorial Orchestration | Contentwise

Editorial Orchestration

The most sophisticated automation capabilities and personalization algorithms are useless without control. Our powerful AI-driven toolset delivers maximum flexibility and control.


The most advanced and complete user experience automation and personalization solution for broadcast, OTT and pay TV.

Viewer Engagement

Longer viewing sessions, higher frequency and lower churn.

Catalog ROI

Better utilization of your content catalog investment.

Offer Targeting

More accurate matching of the right content offering to the right customers.

Editorial Efficiency

Less manual work, better workflow, richer metadata, less mistakes.


AI-driven content-feed and real-time personalization solution for digital media and news.

Digital Performance

Personalization means higher engagement, session duration, average daily usage.

Customer Insights

Granular understanding of readers for better content matching, advertising and up-sell.

Trustworthy AI

Automate user experience while retaining full editorial control.

Unbiased Personalization

Eliminate “filter bubble” bias with advanced recommendations technology.


A digital CX solution that understand each consumer’s personal style and delivers true one-to-one personalization.

Customer Understanding

Learn each customer’s taste and preferences to tailor the shopping experience.

Concierge-Like Personalization

Provide a personal touch to draw customers in to shop and spend more.

Low-Friction Experience

Simplify the online experience for faster selection and conversion.

Higher Loyalty & Frequency

Enable use cases that increase repeat business, basket size and return visits.

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