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Solving big problems requires people with big ideas.

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Do you Want to Have an Impact?

At ContentWise, we believe that technology has the unique power to bring revolutionary changes and that those brave enough to be part of them are the ones that will harness it.

An Incredible Place To Work

We have no dress code, we have no silos, we have no sacred cows. What we do have are top-notch, approachable and pragmatic people that love their work.

Your Work is What Matters

We reward you based on your contribution, not age, seniority or gender. There are no politics here. We seek to discover your strengths and give you the best path to develop them.

Our Bar Is High

Only 3 people out of 100 that apply to join our team make it. They join a group that includes recognized technology experts, global thought leaders and top caliber business executives.

Top-Tier Compensation Package

We know what other companies offer and beat them handsomely. Our pay is top 5% of the market. Our benefits, wellness program, entertainment rewards and work-life balance are superior.

Never Stop Learning

We believe in continuous learning and we mean it. Whether it means sharpening a language, attend top industry conferences around the world, access the best content libraries.

Global Opportunities

We are a global company, part of a global group, with global opportunities. With us you are as likely to work on a project in California or with a customer in Sweden.

The Best Tools of the Trade

Prefer a Macbook? No Problem. Need to subscribe to a new tool? Let’s talk about it. Want to represent the company with top-quality merchandise? Of course.

Not Just Hard Work

We have terrace parties, meetups and occasional happy hours. Our last global company meeting was in Prague! Don’t be surprised if some of your colleagues also become your friends.

Together To The Finish Line

Running, football, basketball, cycling… No challenge is too daunting, no opponent too intimidating for the brave ContentWise team members ;)

“In everything we do, we take higher risks compared to traditional reactive businesses. We put teams before individuals and think harder before doing.”

Paolo Bozzola, CEO, ContentWise

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Europe Consulting

Digital Business Strategist

Full-time position at the Milan Office.
As a Digital Business Strategist, you will outline the company's core value to evangelize the personalization over different business space as a key power to enhance the user experience in the digital channels.

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Europe Software Engineering

UX Engine – Senior Software Engineer

Full-time position at the Milan Office.
As a Senior Software Engineer, you will join an innovative and passionate team of engineers to lead our platform evolution using cutting edge technologies like Spring Boot, Kubernetes, AWS, Elasticsearch, and Kafka.

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Europe Research & Data Science

Senior Scientist

Full-time position at the Milan Office.
As a Senior Scientist, you will be in charge of research activities and contribute not only to creating prototypes but also bringing your findings in real production environments being responsible for the scalability and feasibility of the solution together with our architects.

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