Millions of Viewers.
An Audience of One.

ContentWise helps broadcast, cable, satellite, OTT and streaming operators create one-to-one relationships with their viewers and subscribers.

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Viewer Engagement

Longer viewing sessions, higher frequency and lower churn.

ContentWise customers report material increase in content consumption and higher engagement levels. Our AI understands viewers taste and intent and surfaces the right content at the right time, increasing loyalty KPIs such as stickiness, retention and lifetime value.

Viewer Engagement | Contentwise

Catalog ROI

Better utilization of your content catalog investment.

Thanks to better management of metadata, personalized content discovery, personalization and predictive analysis, ContentWise increases consumption of long-tail catalog assets, lifts average catalog utilization and gives operators better visibility of how their content catalog will perform.

Catalog ROI | Contentwise

Offer Targeting

More accurate matching of the right content offering to the right customers.

Target viewers and subscribers based on real-time activity and nuanced taste criteria, not just demographics. ContentWise automatically segments users based on profiling data and activity, providing operators powerful and flexible targeting recipes, whether they are entirely automated, editorially curated or a blended approach.

Offer Targeting | Contentwise

Editorial Automation

Less manual work, better workflow, richer metadata, less mistakes.

Editorial teams spend too much time and resources on tedious manual tasks. ContentWise brings intelligent automation to the editorial workflow with automatic metadata merging, deduplication and reconciliation and powerful recipe-building tools for personalization, analytics and targeting.

Editorial Automation | Contentwise

“SK Broadband ultimately wants to deliver 4.6 million different home pages to each of our 4.6 million customers of B tv. ContentWise is essential to the success of our ‘Customer Value Innovation’ strategic initiative.”

Chang Wan You - VP Head of Media Business, SK Broadband
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