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ContentWise helps online publishers, digital media companies and content aggregators understand and serve their audiences, one reader at the time.

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Digital Performance

Higher engagement, session duration and average daily usage.

ContentWise customers rely on our technology to ensure that they meet critical engagement goals. Thanks to bespoke personalization and taste matching, ContentWise prioritizes content and reorganizes pages to maximize engagement outcomes.

Digital Performance | Contentwise

Customer Insights

Understanding audiences for better content matching, advertising and up-sell.

Granular understanding of readers is essential to any successful media business. ContentWise AI continually collects data about users activity, behavior and preferences and generates and predicts a user’s likelihood of engaging with specific content.

Customer Insights | Contentwise

Trustworthy AI

User experience automation, with full editorial control.

Trust in any automated personalization system is paramount. ContentWise never subordinate editorial control to automation. ContentWise’s AI algorithms are never opaque and editorial recipes and knobs allow editors to throttle and override algorithms.

Trustworthy AI companion | Contentwise

Unbiased Personalization

Eliminate “filter bubble” bias with advanced recommendations technology.

ContentWise has built-in capabilities specifically designed to counter proactively filter bubble effects. It uses a variety of machine learning approaches that have been proven to increase variability in content feed and prevent efforts to game the recommendation system.

Unbiased Personalization | Contentwise

“Cablevisión customers are looking to enjoy a personalized TV experience. ContentWise expands our ability to deliver state-of-the-art personalized TV experiences, make our offering more attractive and learn about our subscribers preferences. It is the foundation upon which we are able to continue to enhance and extend our service offering.”

Guillermo Paez - Telecom Argentina’s Product and Innovation Manager
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Cablevisión Argentina deploys machine learning for personalized TV with ContentWise latest solution | ContentWise

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