Open Connector

This feature establishes seamless communications with any system outside the ContentWise UX Engine domain.

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At ContentWise, we help media and B2C brands deliver rich, bespoke, and smart digital customer experiences at every touchpoint. We are committed to supporting our clients to present the most innovative user experience (UX). However, in a modern media and entertainment ecosystem, the UX can result in different use case combinations coming from different sources.

With personalization a never-ending tuning process, and the constant need to test and enable new functionalities, integration with 3rd party applications is crucial to deploy and orchestrate services and use cases. That will allow editorial teams to experiment and drive the adoption of new configurations and layouts not directly handled by our UX Engine .

That is the logic behind Open Connector.

What Is It?

Open Connector establishes seamless communications with any system outside the ContentWise UX Engine domain. 

It enables the UX Engine to integrate and manage use cases built by 3rd parties. For example, it empowers the editorial team to include a recommendation or a content feed from a 3rd party playlist/catalog.

The final result is an adaptive UI that not only matches users’ tastes but also considers the customer journey path-to-content (from a hero banner? from a “popular titles” carousel? from “a new releases” carousel? from a “top picks for you” stripe?). 

Page Personalization optimizes segments down to the individual user and automates targeting of video content.

Why It Is Useful?

Editors can test their personalization recipes in the UX Engine configuration, monitor their performances through Data Insights, and let the Page Personalization do the work, automatically selecting the best layout for each customer.

Open Connector allows editorial teams to deliver the best combination of page blocks and layouts to delight customers at every digital touchpoint.

Thanks to UX Engine’s flexible and scalable infrastructure, Open Connector can integrate and manage new and external input to elevate personalization and customer experience to new heights.