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Today, we unveil a major overhaul of our analytics product. We are proud to introduce a brand new, entirely rebuilt, more powerful, and extensible iteration of our experience analytics and personalization measurement solution: ContentWise Data Insights.

Data Insights replaces ContentWise Analytics in our product suite, completing our offering as the third stand-alone product alongside UX Engine, our page- personalization and automation software, and Metadata Foundry, our metadata integration and orchestration solution.

An Entirely New Platform

In developing Data Insights, we set out to respond to some fundamental changes we see taking place in the market. Customers’ expectations of what data analytics can and should do have evolved. They want analytics to truly drive business outcomes and, having created internal analytics engineering organizations, they realized they need new tools and capabilities. It was time for more than a face-lift to our analytics platform.

As we started working on Data Insights, we set ourselves a few key objectives:

  1. Deliver on our vision of UX performance analytics from the point of view of the user’s perception.
  2. Rebuild the platform from scratch to remove all limitations and legacy choices.
  3. Ship a stand-alone product that works perfectly in conjunction with UX Engine.
  4. Create a platform that empowers our customers to innovate and adapt faster.

Data Insights has been built on an entirely new SaaS architecture, harnessing the scalability, flexibility and power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Thanks to this new architecture, Data Insights allows near real-time data analysis and collection, faster development and customization and more agility in rolling out new use cases and integrations.

Extending Existing Domains with New Capabilities

It has been of paramount importance that Data Insights included ALL the capabilities, visualization and analysis already present in ContentWise Analytics, but that it also removed some of its limitations. We have also launched a set of new capabilities in Data Insights:

  • Streaming data. Innovative companies design data infrastructures that are event-driven. The streaming approach allows us to largely eliminate batch jobs and delays in data availability.
  • Cloud & SaaS. Data insights benefits from its cloud-native architecture, allowing easy data collection with a “drop-in” containerized agents
  • Customer-driven. The product is designed with robust extensibility built-in from the ground up. Each customer can adapt logic, dashboards, KPIs, and new use cases to implement a variety of analysis scenarios, such as churn prediction and retention analysis, catalog quality benchmarking, trial subscribers conversion optimization.

AI-Powered UX Assistant

Data Insights introduces also prescriptive AI-driven analysis with its “UX Assistant”. By benchmarking historical information, UX Assistant operates like an intelligent 24/7 data “concierge”, highlighting areas of improvements. UX Assistant spots negative KPI trends and data inconsistencies to identify incremental changes and maximize personalization impact. 

To learn more about ContentWise Data Insights, book a demo or simply ask a question, please contact us.

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