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Learn from the past, to predict the future. Forecast UX effectiveness, compare personalization recipes, automatically identify cohorts, predict catalog performance.

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Personalization Effectiveness

Natively-designed for one-to-one experience analytics.

Analytics allows customers to measure the true effects of personalization, compare use cases, validate editorial and curation strategies and editorial approach. ContentWise Analytics is built from the ground up for bespoke personalization metrics.

ContentWise Analytics | Contentwise

Commercial KPIs

Metrics that matter to the bottom line.

Analytics includes commercial KPIs directly linked to personalization, recommendations and user experience metrics, such as consumption lift, catalog coverage, personalization ROI.

Commercial KPIs | Contentwise

Catalog Planning & Merchandising

Use data to inform catalog acquisition and purchasing strategies.

With tastes, activity, consumption patterns and shopping history, ContentWise can predict the performance potential of in-catalog or off-catalog products and offerings to inform merchandising and content acquisition.

Catalog Planning & Merchandising | Contentwise

Segmentation & Testing

A/B/C testing and customer segmentation for business analysis.

Analytics comes with built-in multi-variate testing capabilities across features and use cases, enabling advanced targeting and testing of promotions, content, offerings and business rules.

Products - Analytics Segmentation Testing | Contentwise

“SK Broadband ultimately wants to deliver 4.6 million different home pages to each of our 4.6 million customers of B tv. ContentWise is essential to the success of our ‘Customer Value Innovation’ strategic initiative.”

Chang Wan You - VP Head of Media Business, SK Broadband
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Complete central view of personalization performance.


Create, configure and browse standard and custom reports.

Personalization KPIs

Direct measurement of conversion metrics driven by personalization use cases.

Financial KPIs

Analyze revenue, average basket, volume driven and other business metrics.

Engagement KPIs

A range of performance metrics to assess the health of your customer relationship.

Churn Analysis

Cohort analysis of churned users and their behavior patterns.

Catalog Inspection

Advanced search and inspection of any metadata and catalog item.

A/B/C Testing

Multivariate tests to analyze and predict business rules’ effectiveness.

Myths of TV User Engagement | ContentWise

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