ContentWise Marketing Engine

Grow, retain, and monetize subscriber audiences by delivering personally targeted promotions, up-selling offers, and advertising.

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Target Marketing Promotions

Maximize LTV with personalized upsell promotions

Marketing Engine automatically picks out the best promotions for individual users and segmented audiences. It customizes when and how promotions are delivered, so that the right offer reaches the right user at the perfect time.

ContentWise Marketing Engine targeted promotions

Retain and Win-back Subscribers

Activate users, win-back dormant, stop potential churners

Marketing Engine detects users showing signs of dormancy, disengagement, or impending churn. It then identifies optimal promotions and messaging to implement retention strategies, providing users with clear re-engagement propositions

ContentWise Marketing Engine: Retain and Win-back Subscribers

Develop Audiences

Build and connect with relevant streaming audiences at scale

Trigger user interest or purchase intent with top-of-funnel campaigns. Discover your target audience to tailor your content, marketing, promotions, and pricing. Identify traits of highly engaged customers to find similar potential subscribers.

ContentWise Marketing Engine: Develop Audiences


Upsell Offer Selection

Automatically select the optimal bundle or upgrades to upsell free and entry-tier subscribers, based on user profiles and segmentation of preferences.

Personalized Promotions

Curated offerings and promotional messages tailored to each user's preferences and delivered based on user activity, scoring or time triggers.

Churn Prevention

Target users at risk of cancellation, offering attractive promotions proactively, before they act. If a subscriber initiates the cancellation, inject an optimal offer to encourage retention.

Win-back Promotions

Employ a "win-back" strategy with lost subscribers, tailoring content, pricing, and timing of the win-back offer to maximize re-engagement.

Acquisition Optimization

Optimize user acquisition and conversion by targeting look-alike and custom audiences, and creating relevant worlds of branded content and fandom micro-hubs

Smart Contextual Advertising

Identify optimal ads insertion moments based on context and monetize audiences' interests and affinities in compliance with digital standards such as IAB, GARM, and more.

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Telefónica is changing the way users interact with our video products, following the principle of always placing them at the center of the experience. With ContentWise solution, we can offer viewers, usually overwhelmed by the content offer choice, personalized and simplified user experiences.

Pablo Antolin - Head of Entertainment Product Management

Marketing Engine FAQ

What is a promotion?

Any offer to an existing or potential customer, from an additional service entitlement you offer, to any third-party content, services, or products, to even your own content.

What is the difference with content discovery?

The matching of user taste/profile/context and what should be shown to them adopts the extensive personalization capabilities we have developed in the Content Discovery area, and Marketing Engine extends this capability to address how the message is delivered (e.g. what creative format is best for a user), when and how it should be delivered.

Can I use the insights for my marketing campaigns?

Yes absolutely: we believe in Data Ownership, so we give you the tools to cluster/segment/target users based on their profiles/behavior/usage patterns/context.

How is this different from my marketing automation?

We extend your marketing automation reach to improve your marketing activities during the content discovery journey. UX Engine is in a unique position to optimize promotion and advertising since it is fully aware of the user context, the user journey, and valuable first-party data around viewers’ behaviors and interests, thus ultimately it can control the in-product/on-platform experience.

Can I integrate ContentWise Marketing Engine with my cross-channel marketing/messaging platform?

Yes, UX Engine integrates with 3rd party systems for the off-platform delivery of messaging and promotion (push notification, e-mail/SMS, etc), and Data Insights generates users segment/target as well as profiles or behavior/usage information to enrich your systems.

Do you offer programmatic advertising?

We support 3rd-party ad-tech solutions that serve programmatic ads. Using high-quality first-party data we collect we help to optimize the effectiveness and performance of contextual and behavioral advertising, deliver more relevant advertising and increase ads viewability, CTR, and ROAS.