ContentWise Personalized Linear Channels

Automatic thematic channel creation and personalized content stitching for video streaming operators. Embrace the new era of linear television.

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Expand your ads inventory

Automatically assemble thematic linear channels.

ContentWise Personalized Linear Channels solution allows operators to stitch together VOD and linear content to build wider programming offerings with theme-based linear streaming channels.

Create a more engaging experience

Personalize content programming for each viewer.

ContentWise Personalized Linear Channelssolution creates a new lean-back, personalized linear experience by simplifying the streaming viewing experience and “unicasting” viewers’ tailor-made channels.

Maximize the lifetime value of your content library

Extend content shelf life and leverage the catalog’s long tail.

ContentWise Personalized Linear Channels solution exploits the potential of syndication, reruns, archives, and long-tail linear and VOD content to meet the latent demand of niche enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

4 UX use cases to create and personalize linear channels

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Thematic Channels

Enjoy a new stream of revenue and engagement by creating channels around specific topics or pop-up channels for major events to delight all audiences.

Localized Channels

Build region-specific channels related to communities, local sports, news, and events based on interests and content rights.

Sports Fan Channels

Immerse the sports fan into a personalized video streaming experience with personalized feeds for users’ favorite teams, sports, athletes, or competitions.

Channels ForYou

Create a brand new channel or personalize the schedule, constantly adapting the TV lineup for every user on every service's channel.