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Content is King, Metadata is Queen.

Why an intelligent metadata supply chain will save operators from poor metadata and enable superior UX.

Industries - Fashion | Contentwise
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Digital and Bespoke. No Loger an Oxymoron

ContentWise helps fashion brands and online retailers deliver uniquely tailored digital experiences.

How we Use Amazon SageMaker in Production | Contentwise
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How We Use Amazon SageMaker in Production

Learn how ContentWise uses Amazon SageMaker to build, train, and deploy their custom recommendation models.

Content Wise Homepage Hero Image | ContentWise
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ContentWise at a Glance

A quick overview of ContentWise user experience personalization and automation software suite.

TV User Experience Innovation Interview | ContentWise
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TV User Experience Innovation Interview

How to leverage Personalization, User Experience, Automation and Metadata to understand consumers, content and context.

Metadata is Hard Work and We Know It | Contentwise
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Metadata is Hard Work and We Know It

Metadata is critical to consistent, rich, and flawless connection between your brand and your audience.