ContentWise & Amazon Web Services

A close partnership to help Media & Entertainment operators grow, delight, and retain subscribers.

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AWS Qualified Software Partner

Thanks to AWS cloud infrastructure, ContentWise AI technology can automatically ingest usage and content data, manage digital storefronts, and enhance catalog metadata in real-time. The AWS ecosystem ensures global reliability of our managed solution for customers in every region, handling scalability issues seamlessly while assuring quality and performance of our personalization solutions deployments.

Full Page Personalization

ContentWise Page Personalization is designed to deliver a uniquely personalized experience to each individual user. By analyzing user behavior, preferences, habits, and content consumption, Page Personalization continuously optimizes UI blocks and dynamically reshuffles the page real estate, increasing engagement, interaction, and playtime. Unlike traditional recommendation methods, Page Personalization operates on the entire page canvas. ContentWise and AWS give operators unprecedented power to use personalization to decrease time to content and maximize engagement.

Interface Automation | Contentwise

Dynamic Categories

ContentWise Dynamic Categories is based on UX Engine ability to analyze users, events, and content attributes. UX Engine can create dynamic content collections and showcase them throughout the UI. ContentWise and AWS give operators the capability to build personalized micro-genres that incorporate compelling and relevant genre-specific collections for each user. Within a set of content metadata, it is possible to compose complex and multidimensional carousels recipes with multiple categories or genres.

Automate the digital storefront | Contentwise


Increase Viewer Engagement

Increase content views, recommendations conversions and play time, while tracking basic and advanced UX KPIs.

Reduce Churn

Surface the right content at the right time, increasing loyalty KPIs such as stickiness, retention, and lifetime value.

Increase Catalog ROI

Extract maximum value from your content investments thanks to personalization and niche content discovery.

Optimize Your Strategy

Test, and adapt your video strategy thanks to a flexible set of business rules that allows operators to customize the streaming experience.