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ContentWise Unveils Next-Gen AI-Powered Semantic Search and Personalized Recommendations for Digital TV Operators

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Milan, September 4, 2023 – ContentWise, a leading provider of digital experience technology, today announced the launch of new capabilities built on generative AI technology for search and recommendations. The new features are available in ContentWise’s flagship product, UX Engine, which is used by digital TV operators to create personalized experiences for their customers.

Semantic Search

ContentWise’s UX Engine now offers two applications of generative AI use cases. The first is Semantic Search, which allows customers to improve their search with natural language capabilities. This allows customers to search for content using natural language and uncategorized definitions, such as “sci-fi movies where people travel to the red planet”, “winter holidays with Bruce Willis” or “that weird tv show about parenthood”.

The benefits of incorporating ContentWise’s generative AI technology are several, fundamentally changing the way your television understands and interacts with users:

  • It transcends simple metadata matching, incorporating semantic understanding to align concepts and enrich metadata – a transformation from searching for a “female warrior” to identifying a “strong female lead”.
  • It enables a more conversational, intuitive interaction; a user can request, “Show me the most exciting game from the last football Eurocup,” and the system comprehends and returns relevant results.
  • It appreciates the nuances of mood, sentiment, and emotions, offering personalized recommendations based on the viewer’s emotional state. It could respond to a phrase like “I’m feeling sad, show me something fun,” with fitting suggestions.

This technology has the potential to unify semantic and keyword search, providing a refined, user-centric experience.

Next-Gen Semantic Recommendations

The second application is Next-Gen Semantic Recommendations based on Generative AI. This allows operators to serve personalized recommendations to users based on their “true” personal viewing habits and preferences built on a novel semantic relatedness model that goes beyond content similarity:

  • It leverages AI-powered deep metadata extraction technology to further increase the quality of semantic understanding of the content.
  • It understands metadata in an almost human-like manner, delivering unstinting precision when aligning viewer needs with available content.
  • It moves beyond merely matching metadata sets, engaging instead in semantic understanding to match concepts.
  • It recognizes a viewer’s preference for, say, art-house cinema, cerebral thrillers, or poignant dramas, and responds with tailored suggestions that are remarkably on point.

Enabling Advanced Content Curation

Operators will also leverage the power of semantic language understanding to curate content bundles that are thematically related. Content curators can explore their catalogs and craft compelling collections using specific queries like ‘heartwarming stories about parent-child relationships,’ incorporating deterministic rules as needed.

ContentWise’s UX Engine is designed to help digital TV operators create personalized experiences for their customers. With the new generative AI capabilities, customers can now search for content using natural language and receive personalized recommendations based on their viewing habits and preferences.

“At ContentWise, we help businesses engage customers at scale, through AI-powered digital experience technology. New AI technologies, such as LLMs, transformers, and NLP allow us to make recommendations more intimate and more human-like, but on a vast scale. ”

Alessandro Vacca, COO - ContentWise

About ContentWise

ContentWise is the AI-powered customer experience company that provides leading video operators, digital publishers, and online retailers with the software and expertise they need to create rich, personal, and smart CX at every digital touchpoint. Thanks to personalization and automation technology, ContentWise helps marketing, editorial, and merchandising teams understand what each customer needs, wants and values, maximizing each customer’s lifetime value. By enriching catalog data, analyzing users’ behavior, personalizing interactions, enabling discovery, automating editorial tasks, and orchestrating the entire digital customer experience, ContentWise increases customer conversions, loyalty, and retention. With offices in Milan, Los Angeles, and Singapore, ContentWise counts leading brands worldwide as customers, including Allente, Mediaset, PCCW, Sky, Telecom Argentina, and Telefonica.

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