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Announcing UX Engine 9.0!

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We are glad to announce the release of UX Engine 9.0, the latest version of our user experience personalization solution.

UX Engine 9.0 establishes the foundation for the “Spotifyzation of Television”. Operators can now use our AI and machine learning capabilities to experiment with new ways of assembling and targeting thematic, pop-up, or localized virtual channels as well as building hyper-personalized TikTok-style “ForYou” feeds!

UX Engine 9 ContentWise

With these developments, and enhancements in our backend technologies, we will be able to support the growing FAST market and virtual channels use cases, to provide a new level of AI-driven personalization and automation for linear programming.

From a product features perspective, we continue to support our customers and partners with new UX management capabilities to explore the Human-AI interaction space and put AI into action. The new UX Engine 9.0 product innovations focus on the optimization of human-centered AI applied to user experience and user entertainment, finding the perfect intersection of user needs and AI strengths, and balancing the personalization needs of both “lean-back”, casual viewers and power users.

Functionalities such as the new UX widget editor and advanced custom properties for dynamic layout are great examples of how we enhanced our UX Engine use cases, enabling advanced user navigation and interaction patterns as well as better control of the presentation-layer design.

On the technology side, we are committed to continually updating and improving our Tier-1 cloud architecture to support and scale our cutting-edge personalization solutions such as the recently-launched personalized linear channels.

To learn more about ContentWise UX Engine 9.0, book a demo or contact us.

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