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ContentWise and MediaMelon partner to build ultimate performance intelligence platform for video streaming operators

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Joint offering combines ContentWise’s audience behavior and personalization performance data with MediaMelon’s experience intelligence and QoS data.

Milan, San Francisco – April 19th, 2022

Today, ContentWise, a leading provider of user experience (UX) personalization and audience analytics technologies for video streaming, OTT, and pay-TV operators, and streaming intelligence platform provider MediaMelon are announcing a new development partnership.

The objective of the partnership is to deploy an end-to-end analytics service that will instrument the consumer experience journey for video service presentation and delivery.

Service operators need an accurate picture of how their audience interacts with and appreciates their complete content offering. Combining ContentWise Data Insight’s behavioral, personalization, and product analytics and MediaMelon’s SmartSight QoE and QoS analytics provides such a complete perspective. The two analytics viewpoints combine to provide the ultimate digital optimization solution and a new level of accuracy and clarity into customer behavior and video content performance.

"Now operators can finally unlock the secret map of the consumer experience"

Renato Bonomini, VP Sales Engineering and Partnership - ContentWise

Pay TV and OTT video services are constantly under pressure to invest in new, increasingly costly shows, movies, and live content. This collaboration between ContentWise and MediaMelon offers a rich source of data to optimize these investments for video service audiences, achieve improved customer happiness, reduce content abandonment, and prevent subscriber churn.

“Now operators can finally unlock the secret map of the consumer experience ”says Renato Bonomini, ContentWise VP Sales Engineering and Partnerships. “ContentWise and MediaMelon for the first time unify analytics insights that are traditionally looked at separately: this is the way to optimal user engagement and retention.”

"We are very pleased that the SmartSight platform can contribute an important component of this viewpoint to the joint effort and look forward to near-term deployment success"

Kumar Subramanian, CEO - MediaMelon

“With this new partnership, we are reaching the holy grail of video service analytics – a complete picture of factors that enhance or detract from viewer happiness,” commented Kumar Subramanian, MediaMelon CEO. “We are very pleased that the SmartSight platform can contribute an important component of this viewpoint to the joint effort and look forward to near-term deployment success.”

Contentwise and MediaMelon offer a wider spectrum of KPIs, the User Happiness Index for the C-level dashboard, and business-oriented operational metrics for your technical and product teams.



ContentWise is the AI-powered customer experience company that provides leading video operators, digital publishers and online retailers with the software and expertise they need to create rich, personal and smart experiences at every digital touchpoint.
Thanks to personalization and automation technology, ContentWise helps marketing, editorial and merchandising teams understand what each customer needs, wants and values, maximizing customer lifetime value. With offices in Milan, Los Angeles and Singapore, ContentWise counts leading brands worldwide as customers, including Allente, Mediaset, PCCW, Sky, Telecom Argentina, and Telefonica.


MediaMelon streaming intelligence brings a new level of clarity to optimization of video and business performance. Going beyond traditional analytics, the SmartSight™ platform combines objective video quality and ad delivery data to reveal issues before they impact viewer experience and business outcomes. Our multi-dimensional platform approach addresses evolving needs and growing service scale, enabling us to work collaboratively with customers and partners.

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