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ContentWise and Invrsion join forces to provide next-generation shopping experience

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The two technology companies are working together to bring visual AI, segment-of-one personalization, and 3D digital twins to e-commerce catalogs

Milan, Italy – June 22nd,  2021

ContentWise and Invrsion have joined forces to help fashion brands elevate their e-commerce customer experience by combining their respective technologies to deliver a more immersive, personalized, and targeted shopping experience. 

ContentWise, with its ContentWise Fashion offering, uses visual AI and personalization capabilities to help fashion brands build better catalogs and personalized experiences. The solution extracts information from product photos and pictures to create deep and meaningful tags and descriptions aligned with the brand tone-of-voice. Its segment-of-one matching algorithms can dynamically target each shopper with a unique offering that maximizes purchase and basket size. 

Invrsion, with its forward-thinking, is specialized in 3D virtual real-time rendering technology for retail stores and fashion e-commerces. Being a member of the Khronos Group, it creates straightforward 3D Digital Twins of product catalogs that stick to the tightest of industry standards, and it develops an authored patented pipeline. These volumetric models integrated into websites allow online shoppers to visualize and experience, compare and evaluate in real-time every product with the most accuracy and compliance to the open 3D Commerce Working Group. 

Products, brand positioning, and values are important. The nature of the digital shopping experience is as important. Consumer expectations keep increasing while digital competition is pushing the boundaries of fashion and commerce technology.

ContentWise and Invrsion are collaborating to develop solutions that, by blending AI and VR together, will open the door to next-generation customer experiences. Each shopper will be able to find the products, styles, and looks they love in a blink of an eye and then visualize and “touch” them: an in-store-like curated concierge experience while shopping behind a screen.

About ContentWise Fashion

ContentWise helps businesses engage customers at scale, through AI-powered digital experience technology. 

ContentWise Fashion is the ContentWise offering for the fashion and apparel retail industry, focused on using AI to simplify digital content creation, accelerate time-to-market, deliver a uniquely personalized experience, and increase e-commerce sales. It’s two products are:

  • Catalog Builder helps fashion brands unleash creativity by automating time-consuming catalog production tasks and ensuring on-brand consistency at scale.
  • Personalizer leverages deep product information to match customer preferences and tastes and deliver segment-of-one personalization in real-time and at scale.

With offices in Milan, Los Angeles and Singapore, ContentWise counts leading fashion retail, media and publishing brands among its customers. 

About Invrsion

Invrsion was born in 2015 and it is now based in Milan, where it has its headquarters, and New York City.

The company is specialized in:

  • VR real-time rendering, digitizing retail spaces, showrooms and environments of any kind and size in ultra-realistic virtual reality, enabling brands to conduct store & category management, trade marketing and shopper research activities in a more lean and effective way;
  • The creation of 3D Digital Twins that can be used in VR/AR. As a proactive member of the Khronos Group, Invrsion strives to create the highest quality 3D Digital Twins in accordance with Khronos’ 3D Commerce Certification, an open format highly requested by companies such as Amazon, Ikea, Target, Wayfair, Crate&Barrel, etc., and contributing to the creation of advanced, royalty-free interoperability standards for 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, among others. Its  fields of interest range from CPG and Retail to Fashion, Real Estate, Interior Design, and much more.

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