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Paolo Bozzola CEO ContentWiseHi there!

ContentWise has a new face and I am pleased to unveil it to you, today. You can see our new identity and website at

We did not undertake this rebranding project lightly. We decided to do it, ultimately, to underscore our growth and transformation over the last decade and to set the stage for the next phase in our company’s history.

We started ContentWise 12 years ago as a project for our long-time customer, and IPTV pioneer, Fastweb. We quickly realized that the TV, digital entertainment and media industry was about to undergo a historic transformation driven by data, software and artificial intelligence.

In the ensuing years, ContentWise has evolved and grown into a complete digital customer experience suite with global reach and a substantial impact on the industry.

This rebranding is just the most visible manifestation of the evolution we have been embarking on:

  • ContentWise has evolved from content discovery and recommendation software into a digital customer experience suite designed to optimize and personalize each customer journey interaction.
  • We have expanded the scope of our market applications beyond OTT, pay-TV, and streaming to eCommerce personalization and publishing experience management.
  • We have become a global company with offices in Milan, Boston, Los Angeles, and Singapore.
  • We have added proven talent to the ContentWise organization with a new CTO, COO and several key appointments in our product, sales and customer success teams.
  • Moviri Group, ContentWise’s parent company, has grown into a global AI and analytics technology group with unique R&D capabilities that support ContentWise’s innovation mission.

This rebranding project has been in the works for several months and is still underway. You will see more announcements and news from us throughout the Fall. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you.

Paolo Bozzola, CEO ContentWise

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