User Experience, Front and Center.

Compelling, relevant and adaptive customer experience is no longer a nice-to-have. Our AI automatically manages digital storefronts and enhances catalog metadata to create superior digital experiences.

The ContentWise Suite

The all-in-one platform to orchestrate your digital storefront experience.

UX Engine

Adapt every interaction, every page, every offer, every use case to match a user’s tastes and intent. That is bespoke personalization.

ContentWise UX Engine | Contentwise

Metadata Foundry

Unshackle your metadata from proprietary silos to enrich, connect, blend, contextualize it and create superior CX and insights.

ContentWise Metadata Foundry

Data Insights

Measure the effectiveness of your personalization strategy, closing the data loop with AI-assisted technology.

ContentWise Analytics | Contentwise

Catalog Builder

Automate error-prone and time-consuming tasks to streamline the catalog enrichment workflow.

CX Personalizer

Match customers' tastes, personal styles, and intent to engage, delight, and assist customers in their online shopping experience.

We Understand Personalization Deeply

To deliver a rich, personalized, adaptive and bespoke digital customer experience we must understand the interplay of Consumer, Content and Context.

Learing User Like | Contentwise

Learning Each User’s Likes and Wants

ContentWise constantly learns from a user’s activity, their tastes, preferences and habits. This information enhances profiling depth, targeting accuracy and taste profiling.

Understanding Essence Content | Contentwise

Understanding the Essence of Your Content

A real-time, dynamic, nuanced and granular representation of your offering is essential to power accurate taste matching, rich information presentation and personalization.

Adapting When How | Contentwise

Adapting to the When and How

CX must account for the environment, place, time, channels, devices and constraints surrounding the interaction between a consumer and digital touchpoints.


Sports TV personalization, done right.


ContentWise for Sports

Sports TV personalization, done right.

ContentWise for Android TV

Take back control of your Android TV experience.

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UX Engine is now available on the AWS marketplace

UX Engine, ContentWise’s integrated software for experience automation, personalization and measurement is now available on the AWS marketplace.

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ArticlesPress Releases

Contentwise Fashion lands on Akeneo Marketplace with Catalog Builder

Akeneo and ContentWise signed a partnership agreement to combine Akeneo’s ability to simplify PIM with Catalog Builder, ContentWise’s solution for AI-powered fashion catalog management.

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