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Nordija delivers personalization with video recommendations powered by ContentWise all-in-one discovery software

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ContentWise, the leader in personalized video discovery, today announced that Nordija has selected ContentWise all-in one discovery to power key elements of viewers personalized user experience across all of Nordija’s fokusOn platform.

Nordija clients can now enjoy compelling, relevant, personal content recommendations in exciting new ways. Launched this week, the Nordija “Recommended For You” feature delivers personalized recommendations based on individual viewing behavior within the entire spectrum of devices supported by Nordija fokusOn. In addition, Nordija’s “Similar Shows” feature allows users to discover related content that is most similar to the show currently being watched, what has been watched, or what will be available in the future.

“Our clients tell us that content discovery is key for second screen applications,” said Thomas Christensen , Nordija Founder and CEO. “People love the Nordija fokusOn user experience, but scrolling through a list of 150 channels is not the future. What you want is a small set of program recommendations, just for you, that you can watch right now. Our new personalized recommendation system offers that, based on your viewing history, likes and more. We look to evolve Nordija fokusOn platform further over the coming months to be your perfect personalized program discovery system.”

Deployed by leading multi-channel video programming distributors, IPTV providers and cable operators around the world, ContentWise is the industry’s most comprehensive content discovery platform powering personalized search, semantic recommendations and social discovery, built on a foundation of robust data management capabilities. Capabilities that ContentWise delivers in concert with a suite of semantic tools that Pay-TV providers leverage to strategically control,monetize and personalize their video offerings.

“With the amount of content choices and navigation options available, TV viewers increasingly expect more personalized experiences,” said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of ContentWise. “ContentWise’ personalized content discovery features provide Nordija with a suite of products to meet the needs of its varied subscriber base. We look forward to being a key component in Nordija’s ongoing commitment to deliver the highest quality experiences to their clients.

About  Nordija

Nordija develops and markets software that helps telcos, cable TV operators and ISPs deliver a rich, interactive and user-friendly TV and video-on-demand experience. The company was established in 1997 as a software consultancy practice with the vision of combining Quality and Speed in development of software solutions and integrating business critical system platforms for customers worldwide. Since 2005 Nordija has focused entirely on producing interactive services for television, mainly providing IPTV advice and solutions.

In 2005 Nordija launched IPTV middleware platform fokusOn, its core product. Combining integration expertise with IPTV, Nordija has the strategic and technical competency and experience to implement large telco-grade IPTV middleware solutions. As a pioneer in Scandinavian IPTV development, Nordija has a strong market position in the Nordics as well as customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Nordija  provides middleware and apps to over 500.000 consumer devices in these geographies. To learn more visit www.nordija.com

About ContentWise

ContentWise is the one-stop-shop solution for digital content discovery. ContentWise enables each single user to have his own personalized experience through search, recommendations and social engagement, while empowering operators to maximize the return on their digital assets for OTT, VOD and Live TV.

With its integration-ready architecture and partner ecosystem, ContentWise is built to support high-volume, high-performance services.

ContentWise is a business of Moviri, leading provider of data mining and optimization solutions for enterprise IT systems and digital media. To learn more visit www.contentwise.tv

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