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ContentWise to Release 4.4 at 2013 TV Connect in London

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V4.4 Helps Operators Increase Margins through overhauled Insight Analytics, Content Planning And Recommendation Layouts.

MILAN — March. 7, 2013 — ContentWise, maker of the digital media recommendation engine that has been proven to boost sales of VoD and live TV for several international service providers, today introduces its latest version, ContentWise V4.4 at TV Connect 2013 in London. The new version brings three key new features:

  • a revised ContentWise Insight analytics module,
  • a specialized content planning tool
  • a new hybrid algorithm and
  • an improved recommendation layout.

ContentWise provides operators with a robust, scalable content discovery solution that incorporates new analytics which provide useful insights and the speed of the feedback loop; from data input to final decision. The software is designed for easy integration with Interactive Video services and, because of its cross-media and metadata processing capabilities, is ideally suited to providers that want to add recommendations to media stores that aggregate multiple media domains such as digital TV, e-books, games, music, and apps, even with low-quality metadata input.

The Insight Analytics module has been completely re-designed to empower digital media operators to fast-switch visualization modes and quickly slice data in real time. It makes synthetic, in-depth analysis finally possible, enabling faster decisions and process automation. The module makes user behavior and engagement KPIs readily accessible and measurable.

The new Content Planning tool that is now integral part of ContentWise, enables operators to estimate the residual consumption (and revenue) potential of specific items in their content catalog. It contextually simulate ad-hoc scenarios, based on changing conditions such as scheduling or audience parameters. For instance, A/B testing helps digital media operators test how recommendation approaches or business rules perform by comparing a control group with a target user base. With this method, operators can measure how much lift in consumption or revenue a specific recommendation or set of recommendations or business rule produces.

The new Hybrid Algorithm blends contributions from content and collaborative algoritmic approaches, overcoming the well-known limitation of individual algorithms: poor metadata (content), new items problem and profile sparsity (collaborative). It adaptively changes the contribution of underlying methods based on the reliability of the information available, moving from pure content recommendation to social based suggestions as the quality of social information improves.

The new Recommendation Layout provides a user-friendly interface to launch several contextual recommendations allowing dynamic and flexible rule interfaces. For instance, this feature may enable a content planner to change the recommendation logic, mix together editorial and algorithmic recommendations from the ContentWise portal, without changing the underlying integration.

“We approach recommendation from the perspective of both the operator and the user, and the latest edition of our ContentWise engine features improvements for both that will ultimately help increase operator margins,” said Paolo Bozzola, Moviri’s CEO. “Now operators have a tool that enables them to be a lot more accurate and sharp in knowing exactly how recommendations perform, which will help them fine-tune the service they deliver to customers. Users benefit from refined algorithms and new approaches, such as our hybrid engine, for a more personalized experience that translates to customer loyalty. One feeds into the other, and they both feed into margin improvements.”

ContentWise will demonstrate V4.4 in the Moviri booth #53 at TV Connect 2013 in London on March 19-21 and at the 2013 NAB exhibit in Las Vegas, April 8-11.

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