New Products and Features on Display at IBC2011

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At IBC2011 ContentWise will show version 4.0 of the ContentWise recommendation engine for the first time. The new release introduces enhancements and new features in three major areas: content discovery and engagement; revenue growth and customer retention; and administration, performance, and scalability.

Content discovery and engagement in version 4.0 is enhanced with a new cold-start feature that guides first-time users through a process to gather their rating feedback and establish an immediate preference profile. Version 4.0 also adds the capability to display to users the reason why a certain recommended item is being presented.

In regards to revenue growth and customer retention, version 4.0 provides an entirely new analytics data warehouse and Web-based dashboards that equip marketing managers with new statistics sets presented through an interactive graphical interface. The new tool includes metrics such as content engagement (measuring the most popular content items and users’ reaction to recommendations), audience analysis (an analysis of users’ demographic and behavioral characteristics), and content velocity (speed and elapsed time of user response to recommendations).

Administration, performance, and scalability improvements include a new setup and configuration Web interface, now unified with ContentWise business rules and reporting software module. Access control can be restricted to appropriate levels thanks to customizable access profiles. ContentWise 4.0 also supports multiple tenancy, one of the key requirements of large operators such as cable providers delivering services to multiple markets, regions, and countries. The overall platform performance has been improved by enhancing parallel processing and database tuning.

ContentWise is built for high-volume, scalable content recommendation in digital media, OTT, and IPTV applications. By producing personalized recommendations that increase content consumption and demand of movies, music, ringtones, TV channels, live TV programs, and other digital media content, ContentWise empowers operators to use recommendations to maximize the return on their content catalogs.

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