OTT Question Time: OTT product development in 2022

Join Renato Bonomini, VP Sales Engineering at ContentWise, during the next OTT Question Time to discover how the OTT product development cycle has changed over the years.

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During the history of OTT product development there were different and distinct cycles in action. Just to name a few, between 2005 and 2012 we can find the pioneer phase when broadcasters were setting up systems and workflows, digitizing catalogs and launching their first-gen VOD services. Since these systems were developed in-house, the next three years (2012-2015) represented the second cycle that was all about upgrading legacy systems and deploying specialist third-party technologies.

So where are we now, in 2022, in the OTT product development cycle? Renato Bonomini, VP Sales Engineering at ContentWise, will join a group of experts during the upcoming OTT Question Time (Thursday 7th April, 4:00 pm BEST) to answer this question. 

During the event, the panelists will talk about: 

  • Current industry trends like D2C, SVOD saturation and addressable advertising;
  • The most popular devices for watching OTT;
  • Whether the era of big CAPEX spending is now over;
  • Innovation and experimentation as drivers for increasing revenues;
  • And what else it might be in this product development cycle.