ContentWise at Asia Video Summit 2019

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Asia Video Summit 2019

Attended by over 500 participants, 180 companies, 110 thought leaders, and with over 90 speakers, the 2019 Asia Video Summit includes the state of the video industry, the Tech Innovation Stream.

ContentWise is the most advanced and complete user experience automation and personalization management solution can help your business with:

  • Editorial Automation: less manual work, better workflow, richer metadata, fewer mistakes.
  • Viewer Engagement: longer viewing sessions, higher frequency, and lower churn.
  • Open Connector: integrate and manage 3rd-party use cases

Send an email to marketing@contentwise.com for more information.

“ContentWise’s mission is to be the single point of control in charge of the entire digital discovery and consumption experience. To do that, we offer the widest range of use cases out-of-the-box, but we did not stop at that. With Open Connector we can now support any use case that any customers could possibly envision, no matter how unique.”

Mario Scriminaci –  VP Product Management & Research ContentWise