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ContentWise UX Engine and Catalog Builder are now available on the AWS Marketplace

ContentWise partners with Amazon Web Services to help Media & Entertainment and eCommerce brands manage their product, catalog and contact data, deliver personalized user experiences, and analyze customer behaviors and UX performance. UX Engine, ContentWise’s integrated software for experience automation, personalization and measurement, and Catalog Builder, ContentWise’s AI-powered catalog enrichment tool that eliminates error-prone and time-consuming tasks, are now available through the AWS Marketplace.

Engagement Optimization

Focus on specific UX KPIs and increase content consumption, AOV, engagement levels, and customers satisfaction.

Churn Prevention

Surface the right content at the right time, increasing loyalty KPIs such as stickiness, retention, and lifetime value.

Better Catalog ROI

Make more informed content and product acquisition decisions understanding which content deeply contribute to superior customer experiences.

Adaptable Personalization

Test, and adapt your UX personalization strategy thanks to a flexible set of business rules to customize customer experience use cases.