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At ContentWise, we always push technology’s boundaries to optimize and improve our solutions. We continuously collect market information from our customers and leverage our industry expertise to help media and entertainment providers to improve customer experience through personalization.

We are proud to announce the release of version 8.2 of UX Engine, the latest version of our flagship user experience personalization product.

Along with minor improvements and bug fixes, v8.2 further expands UX Engine’s already robust set of functionalities adding two major features: Portal History and Grouping Search Results.

Portal History

Portal History allows editorial teams to group and save historical sets of UX Engine configurations. Thanks to Portal History, it is now possible to access old page versions, use cases, editorial lists, and business rules (and any other editorial object). 

Sometimes editorial choices add value to the customer viewing experience, while other experiments with the UI layout do not lead to the expected results. Portal History allows taking a step back, restoring recipes and settings that worked in the past and fine-tune page layouts accordingly.

Grouping Search Results

Grouping Search Results helps improve the user’s search experience, by grouping closely related results, reducing clutter, and simplifying the discovery experience. 

As an example, let’s imagine a user looking for the latest Brian Cranston movie. If the user does not remember the movie title, she may search for “Brian Cranston”, hoping to remember the title once all the search results are displayed. Brian Cranston starred in the critically acclaimed tv series “Breaking Bad”. Based on popularity alone,  all “Breaking Bad” episodes would be returned on top of the search, forcing the user to scroll through pages of results before finding what she was looking for. By activating grouped search results, only one of the “Breaking Bad” results is returned, producing a more condensed result page, optimizing search real estate and with it, customer experience.

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