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Minerva YourTV Now Cloud Service Integrated with ContentWise User Experience Engine

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The partnership allows Pay TV operators to deliver a variety of new services and a content offering that is uniquely personalized to each subscriber by combining AI-driven UX management with a turnkey cloud video platform.

April 8 2019, Los Angeles, USA – Minerva Networks, the leading provider of next-generation service management platforms for connected entertainment, and ContentWise, the user experience and metadata automation solutions leader for pay TV, broadcast, OTT and streaming operators, have today announced the integration of Minerva YourTV Now with ContentWise’s UX Engine.

With Minerva’s YourTV Now cloud service operators have the ability to manage the pay television experience on all client devices, including the visual style, presentation and navigation across all content sources.

ContentWise’s UX Engine introduces unprecedented levels of control and automation in the TV user experience, allowing operators to dynamically personalize each content selection, page and carousel and recommend the best content for each subscriber.

Combining UX Engine’s AI-driven deep user profiling and content personalization capabilities with YourTV Now’s turnkey cloud pay TV offering creates a unique solution in the market. The combined platforms make it possible for operators to transform their pay TV offerings and deliver new services to their subscribers with minimal investment, rolling out from day one a compelling, dynamic content offering and a uniquely-personalized viewing experience.

“ContentWise and Minerva are extremely complementary.”

said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of ContentWise.

“The two companies have a long-standing relationship that has continued to evolve over the years. As we build more sophisticated UX management and personalization tools, we promptly and seamlessly integrate them with Minerva’s latest platform. The combined offering unlocks superior ROI for operators.”

“ContentWise provides a natural extension of the core customization and personalization capabilities of our platform,”

said Matt Cuson, VP of Marketing for Minerva.

“Operators need to shift from delivering one to many broadcast services to offering a personalized one-on-one experience in order to encourage engagement, drive consumer satisfaction and improve retention. The combined Minerva and ContentWise solution allows operators to smoothly transition from a legacy television service to a next-generation, highly personalized and relevant offering.”

About Minerva
Minerva is a leading provider of service management solutions for the delivery of advanced television services. Over 300 operators worldwide have deployed Minerva’s award winning software platforms to offer next-generation entertainment services to their subscribers. For more information, please visit www.minervanetworks.com

About ContentWise
ContentWise is the leading AI-driven user experience, personalization and content discovery software for pay TV and OTT TV operators, digital media brands and online retailers. With offices in Milan, Los Angeles and Singapore, ContentWise counts as customers leading operators and brands worldwide, including Telecom Argentina, Mediaset, SK Broadband, Sky, and Telefonica.Visit www.contentwise.tv to learn more.

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