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ContentWise updates TV metadata engine Knowledge Factory with new features, delivering one-source-of-truth metadata orchestration

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Los Angeles, CA – September 10, 2018 – ContentWise, the leading provider of user experience and metadata automation solutions for pay TV, broadcast, OTT and streaming operators, today announces the introduction of a slate of new Knowledge Factory features and capabilities.

Knowledge Factory is ContentWise’s advanced suite of tools for TV metadata ingestion, augmentation and publishing. It enables operators to generate and deliver richer, more meaningful and deeply-linked metadata for digital content.

Today’s release completes Knowledge Factory’s goal of becoming a true end-to-end, one-source-of-truth metadata orchestration engine, covering the entire metadata lifecycle: from ingestion to validation, transformation, deduplication, reconciliation and enrichment.

With Knowledge Factory, editors can now automate previously manual processes, create enriched metadata from multiple sources and create content collections based on semantic relationships. In turn, TV subscribers enjoy rich multiscreen interfaces with semantic navigation, detailed information about what they are going to watch and metadata presentations that adapt to each device.

The new Knowledge Factory enables several advanced use cases:

  • Algorithmic catalog reconciliation and deduplication. Multi-service, multi-source platforms must intelligently duplicate content and metadata. Knowledge Factory identifies duplicates and near-duplicates and defines a single instance of each item, even if they come with minor differences in the metadata structure.
  • Merging and enrichment. “Filling the gap” on content metadata, Knowledge Factory links multiple catalogs, finds the best match over the different catalogs and merges and enriches data according to defined policies and expected quality thresholds.
  • Metadata graph exploration and editing. Editors can navigate and manipulate entries in the knowledge graph, with Knowledge Factory automatically and selectively propagating changes to the resources affected.
  • Deep discovery engine integration. Knowledge Factory integrates natively with the ContentWise discovery engine, feeding enhanced, unambiguous metadata to the frontend alongside the items selected in a single API call.
  • Advanced UI navigation. Knowledge Factory’s linked publishing model allows users to navigate related metadata graph entities such as actors, directors, locations, release years and more.
  • Automatic multi-language & multi-device adaptation. Knowledge Factory supports different publishing models based on device specifications, language and locale, adapting visual assets, metadata content and styling to any UI.
  • High quality visual assets. UI effectiveness on HD screens is strongly influenced by image quality. Knowledge Factory integrates high quality image and artwork delivery that automatically adapts to screen properties and to the locale.

At the heart of Knowledge Factory is its knowledge graph-based database, which, powered by semantic and machine learning technology, understands the connections between tidbits of information buried inside metadata feeds and organizes it in a dynamic, evolving network of usable data.

Knowledge Factory can ingest and process data from a variety of sources, including customer proprietary metadata as well as licensed or open source databases, such as, for example, Common Sense, Gracenote, IMDb, Metacritic, Metaliquid, OMDb, Prime Focus, Rotten Tomatoes, Thuuz, TMDb or Wikidata, as well as language-specific or regional sources, such as BabelEye, Cinoche, European Metadata Group, Naver and more.

Paolo Bozzola, ContentWise CEO, commented:

“Metadata is hard work. Our average large customer manages hundreds of device frontends, dozens of data sources and hundreds of thousands of content items. They cannot deliver a consistent, rich, flawless and personalized entertainment experience to their users without similarly rich and flawless metadata. With the new Knowledge Factory, we believe we have delivered a tool that helps them do that at scale.”

About ContentWise

ContentWise is the leading user experience management solution for pay TV, broadcast, OTT and streaming operators. ContentWise helps its customers’ marketing, editorial and content acquisition teams predict user intent, personalize the watching experience, optimize content performance and automate programming. The ContentWise software suite combines UI personalization, self-tuning automation, editorial management tools, predictive analytics, testing and targeting capabilities. ContentWise customers are leading operators worldwide, including Cablevisión Argentina, iStreamPlanet, maxdome, Mediaset, MultiMedia Polska, RTE, SK Broadband, Sky, Telefonica and TrueVisions.

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