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IBC Show 2017: ContentWise to Showcase Latest Iteration of UX Automation and Personalization Management Suite

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  • ContentWise will demonstrate how it uses machine learning and data to automate UX personalization of broadcast, pay TV and OTT TV.
  • Predicts and prevents churn, enables more effective on-boarding, grows up-selling to premium packages and services.
  • Automates low-level editorial and programming tasks and unleashes editorial/programming/marketing ingenuity through fast experimentation.

July 24, 2017, London, UK – ContentWise, the leading provider of user experience automation solutions for pay TV, broadcast, OTT and streaming operators, today announces that it will exhibit at IBC Show 2017 to showcase the latest iteration of its flagship UX automation and personalization suite, including:

  • ContentWise Personalization Engine, delivering algorithmically personalized search, recommendations and discovery, user profiling, business rules and including A/B testing, audience targeting and content editorial tools.
  • ContentWise User Experience Engine, the self-tuning and automated UI layout management and multiscreen content presentation APIs.
  • ContentWise Analytics, which provide insights on ARPU, catalog coverage and audience behavior.
  • ContentWise Knowledge Factory, the underlying metadata foundation to ContentWise that connects, ingests and integrates data sources through semantic features.

Visitors to the ContentWise exhibit will see new demonstrations that show:

  • How its user experience engine’s controls and fills each inch of screen real-estate by learning about, and optimizing for, each individual viewer preferences, habits and intent.
  • How it empowers Its customers’ marketing, editorial and content acquisition teams to predict user intent, optimize content performance and automate programming tasks.
  • How the ContentWise automation suite increases catalog utilization, optimizes ARPU, prevents subscriber churn and lowers front-end development costs.

“Today, over two thirds of TV operators consider user experience as a critical factor in their TV services success. The expectations of subscribers and viewers have changed and the traditional ‘one-size-fits-some’ approach to UX design and management is obsolete.”

said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of ContentWise.

“The fact that our growth continues to accelerate is proof that operators worldwide realize that automating the TV user experience is a priority. They also recognize that ContentWise can help them to differentiate themselves against competitors, to stop subscribers from churning and to grow revenues from various forms of upselling. ”

Paolo continued:

“Today ContentWise automates and personalizes the user experience of over 100 million TV viewers worldwide. Ours is an approach that mixes automation with editorial control. We trust the software, data and machine learning to personalize the experience, while increasing the scalability of editorial decision through automation. Customers love that.”

ContentWise helps operators succeed through providing “driverless” UX personalization, combining profiling, personalization and UI automation technology based machine learning and algorithms and assisted curation tools that automate low-level, repetitive work to unleash editorial/programming/marketing ingenuity and experimentation.

With ContentWise users are more engaged, they consume more content, more often, which increases transactional revenues and advertising inventory, growing ARPU and making it easier to upsell customers to premium packages and offerings. The end result is that ARPU grows and users perceive the value and the abundance of what you offer and become your finest sales tool by talking about your brand with real passion.

About ContentWise

ContentWise is the leading user experience automation solution for pay TV, broadcast, OTT and streaming operators. ContentWise helps its customers’ marketing, editorial and content acquisition teams predict user intent, personalize the watching experience, optimize content performance and automate programming. The ContentWise software suite combines self-tuning personalization, editorial management tools, predictive analytics, testing and targeting capabilities. ContentWise customers are leading operators worldwide, including Cablevisión Argentina, maxdome, Mediaset, Sky and TrueVisions.

For further information please contact:
Darcie Farrell
Platform Communications
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7486 4900

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