ContentWise 6.0 achieves full TV experience automation and personalization

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Launch of ContentWise 6.0 Enables Operators to Achieve 100% Personalized Television with Total UX Automation

  • New Layout Manager feature gives operators the ability to implement total automatic personalization of the entire UI without changes to client apps.
  • New Real-Time Search Updates feature removes latency in content availability, expanding search and discovery of rapidly changing content such as news and sports.
  • New Product Placement Monetization module recommends products from e-commerce catalogs to viewers at moment of product placement view.
  • Release 6.0 gives operators unprecedented combination of full-scale personalization at “machine speed” with maximum editorial flexibility and the widest support of content types.

August 31, 2016, Redwood City — ContentWise, the personalization, discovery, analytics and metadata expert, today announced that it has launched the latest major release of its UX personalization software, ContentWise 6.0.

ContentWise’s objective has been to enable operators with the ability to automate and personalize 100% of their viewers’ experience. With the introduction of Layout Manager, ContentWise has taken a further significant step towards achieving this vision. Operators can now benefit from the new ContentWise 6.0 features to automatically drive the entire client UI, and to intelligently blend machine-selected and editorially curated content options to create a uniquely tailored user experience.

ContentWise 6.0 can autonomously predict the viewing habits of individual viewers on a specific device and, with Layout Manager, it assembles UI elements to create real-time, highly personalized combinations. This includes a home screen that is unique to each user and that changes when new usage data comes in or the context changes, thereby drastically reducing the time it takes to find content to watch.

Another important innovation of ContentWise 6.0 is Real-Time Search Updates. Content discovery solutions that cannot process catalog data in real-time have severe limitations when it comes to rapidly changing content and metadata, such as live events, sports or news. With its brand new search architecture redesign and real-time indexing, ContentWise 6.0 makes instant updates of large live catalogs possible, while also improving personalized search accuracy, prediction, localization, recommendations, browsing and catalog coverage.

The upgrade is underpinned by an extensible search-based architecture built on the scalable search engine Elasticsearch, which facilitates natural language processing support, removal of the requirement to restructure data, increased resilience to misspellings and typos and enhanced multi-language support.

The third major advance in 6.0 is Product Placement Monetization for second-screen apps. ContentWise has built a system that coordinates content programming with product placement timestamps and provides an API to power e-commerce catalogs and second-screen mobile apps. Operators can now push products and branded merchandise at exactly the right moment when the viewer sees the products, whether during live airings or VOD playbacks.

ContentWise 6.0 creates real added value for operators and brands by facilitating personalized and dynamic product placement offerings, which is key to engaging with viewers and increasing conversion rates. By harnessing the power of its dynamic user and content profiling algorithms, the software automatically selects products and offers to showcase to the user, increasing the chances of triggering a positive engagement.

“This is our most significant step yet in providing TV and OTT operators with the ability to produce totally personalized TV,”

said Pancrazio Auteri, CTO of ContentWise, when discussing this major new release.

“After leveraging personalized ranking to win the battle on horizontal scrolling, our customers were struggling with a static UI structure incapable of delivering the breadth of interaction options and the richness of editorial curation. They needed automatic adaptation of what’s presented on each screen to prevent users from abandoning their services in favour of smarter user interfaces – which we have delivered in ContentWise 6.0.”

“There’s a real debate going on right now over what the correct level of automation should be in the TV user experience. We believe it is our job to provide the maximum level of flexibility, the most powerful machine-learning technology and the best A/B testing capabilities to let the operator choose to implement as little or as much automation as they need. By going down to the level of UI blocks, carousels and individual pieces of content, we’re providing total UX control. Additionally, thanks to our built-in A/B testing, operators can test increasing levels of automation ahead of deployment. With ContentWise 6.0, the operator is for the first time in total control of its personalized TV offering,”

concluded Auteri.

Select ContentWise customers are able to upgrade to ContentWise 6.0 in early Fall 2016.

ContentWise 6.0 is TV personalization software that provides broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV, OTT and video streaming operators with total control over the curation and automation of the personalized TV experience. This solution provides total control over each personalized user interface element through a set of visual layout tools, without requiring changes to client code. Key ContentWise 6.0 functionality includes:

  • Sophisticated, personalized content discovery and search, with algorithmic and social recommendations, predictive browsing and context awareness.
  • Predictive content performance and curation, business rules and A/B testing tools providing total control to content programmers.
  • Analytics including critical business KPIs tracking user activity, financials, engagement and recommendation effectiveness metrics.

About ContentWise

ContentWise is a leading personalization, discovery, analytics and metadata expert for Pay TV, OTT, VOD and streaming operators. Its content personalization software and solutions enable operators to delight viewers and meet business goals, with a combination of data-driven personalization, editorial curation and the kind of advanced targeting capabilities used by the most successful online retailers.
ContentWise customers include maxdome, Mediaset, Sky, TIM Brasil, TrueVisions and leading operators worldwide. Learn more about ContentWise at and @ContentWisetv.

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