NAB 2016: ContentWise goes beyond Recommendations with Full Personalization of the TV Experience

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“We are providing the marketing and editorial teams managing TV services with exciting new superpowers.”

The ContentWise NAB on-booth demonstrations will show:

  • How ContentWise enables editorial and marketing teams to personalize their product offerings with targeted content promotions and increase engagement and retention
  • How operators can quickly change the UI/UX on multiple devices without the pain of releasing new app versions
  • How enhanced metadata optimizes content discovery through enabling personalized collections and pseudo-genres

April 11th, 2016, Las Vegas, NV  — ContentWise, (NAB: SU11707 CM) the personalization, discovery, analytics and metadata expert, today announced that NAB will see it demonstrate how far it’s moved beyond recommendations to ensure TV operators business success through the combination of data-driven personalization, editorial curation and the kind of advanced targeting capabilities used by the most successful online retailers.

“At NAB we’ll be showing how we are providing the marketing and editorial teams managing TV services with exciting new superpowers,”

said Pancrazio Auteri, CTO of ContentWise.

“Visitors to our booth will realize how far we’ve gone beyond recommendations. They will see how they can use our UX engine to blend their curation and promotion efforts with powerful data-driven automation and finally deliver a personalized user experience finely tuned to achieve their business goals. We have also made personalization work by figuring out how operators can automate their digital storefront across all devices: it’s just like putting the UI on autopilot.”

The ContentWise on-booth demonstrations will include some brand new features that:

  • Increase viewers engagement with a new, exciting way to generate unique content collections;
  • Elegantly resolve the cold-start problem for new customers in real time;
  • Enable editorial UI changes while cutting the development time of client apps;
  • Share insight and demonstrate how ContentWise is helping major operators on a global basis to engineer consumer delight and enable broadcasters and operators to meet critical subscriber and ARPU KPIs.

The solutions being demoed at NAB are:

The ContentWise Content Personalization System, which enables operators to provide personalized pay-TV and OTT services. This system automates the digital storefront, delivering a personalized one-to-one content experience, aids the planning and execution of marketing initiatives and assists editorial curation and content planning.

The solution does this through adding dynamic UX personalization, content discovery and predictive analytics to any service to help acquisition, marketing and editorial teams match content to each viewer’s profile, predict consumption patterns, increase ARPU and automate editorial tasks.

This solution unifies the content offering of linear TV, catch-up, SVOD, TVOD and OTT in a seamless viewer experience. The personalization engine analyzes users’ viewing history and preferences and ingests VOD catalogues, EPG, news feeds and third-party metadata to match content to each individual viewer. For the marketing and editorial teams, the solution analyzes behaviour and measures content and catalogue performance. Targeted promotions, ‘next-up’ suggestions and playlisting are just some of the use cases powered by the ContentWise Content Personalization System.

The Knowledge Factory solution automatically enriches content metadata using data from third-party websites and social media sites as well as enabling Social TV applications.

Knowledge Factory provides a set of metadata handling tools, a workflow manager and advanced semantic algorithms that maximize the value of data sources. The metadata tools control the ingestion, mash-up, reconciliation and de-duplication of data from multiple commercial and free data providers, including Gracenote/TMS, IMDB, Wikipedia and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

This solution reduces the editorial overhead on data quality by selectively focusing on human intervention only when strictly needed, maximizing the value of the aggregate available data sources by uncovering hidden relationships between content, while also optimizing ROI from third-party data licensing contracts.

Knowledge Factory enables Social TV applications, by matching movies, series and actors with Facebook pages and official Twitter accounts. The solution enables operators to obtain insights on each individual users preferences patterns and relates them to content metadata, leveraging the power of a complete knowledge graph. The knowledge graph allows operators to create a much more contextual and intimately personalized discovery and search experience.

About ContentWise

ContentWise is a leading personalization, discovery, analytics and metadata expert for Pay TV, OTT, VOD and streaming operators. Its content personalization software and solutions enable operators to delight viewers and meet business goals, with a combination of data-driven personalization, editorial curation and the kind of advanced targeting capabilities used by the most successful online retailers. ContentWise customers include maxdome, Mediaset, Sky, TIM Brasil, TrueVisions and leading operators worldwide. Learn more about ContentWise at and @ContentWisetv.

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