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ContentWise Brings Contextual Personalization to Broadcasters at NAB 2015

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  • The new ContentWise 5.2 brings contextual personalization for broadcasters, offering both live and on-demand recommendations for today’s multiscreen TV service
  • Latest ContentWise solution delivers context-based predictions for on-demand content and time-shifted linear TV. 

April, 08, 2015, Milan – ContentWise™, the personalization, discovery and recommendations solution for digital TV content, today announces that it will be bringing the next-generation of its market-leading solution to this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show. ContentWise 5.2 has been developed to deliver context-based predictions for on-demand content and also features real-time content activation, recommending viewers’ favorite content just minutes after linear broadcast. The new updates ensure ContentWise continues to push the boundaries of personalization, giving broadcasters and content owners the tools they need to deliver truly compelling TV experiences.

“With more and more video being enjoyed on an individual and on-demand basis, today’s TV offerings need recommendation services that support nonlinear content. But delivering contextual recommendations for catch-up TV is not as simple as it may seem,”

said Pancrazio Auteri, CTO, ContentWise.

“This is because traditional recommendation engines base content suggestions on each user’s taste profile- but this is a static representation of preferences and doesn’t help to understand in which context the user likes to enjoy a specific type of content. Our Prediction Algorithm ensures that context is taken in to consideration for on-demand content, surfacing the right content and the right time for each and every user.”

ContentWise introduced its Prediction Algorithm for linear TV in September 2014, using behavioral patterns across contexts such as time, location and device type to make content predictions. This algorithm has now been applied for on-demand content, leveraging unique mobile features such as location-based UX and push notifications to make personal content recommendations.

ContentWise has also introduced real-time content activation for catch-up TV and just-in-time content to the latest version of its solution. ContentWise 5.2 is able to “warm up” content items that are not yet available to users, and start recommending them when the availability window is open. This ensures the delivery of accurate recommendations that are perfectly synchronized with the editorial availability of content, such as a new episode of a series that must be published right after linear broadcasting is complete.

“Consumer expectations continue to rise and today’s viewers expect to be instantly connected to their favorite content seconds after it has finished its live broadcast – so being able to recommend content while it is still being broadcast is really the next step for personalization,”

said Paolo Bozzola, CEO, ContentWise.

“With competition in the market getting tougher, broadcasters and content owners need to show they really know their audience and meet these growing expectations if they really want to prosper in the new TV landscape.”

ContentWise will be showcasing its latest solution on booth #SU9924 at NAB 2015.

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