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ContentWise pushes the limits of personalization with the launch of next-generation solution at IBC 2014

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Content discovery and recommendation gets personal with launch of ContentWise 5 at IBC 2014

  • New updates ensures ContentWise 5 meets today’s need for personalized multiscreen TV experiences 
  • New features include predictive browsing, personalized genres and UX Engine

September, 3, 2014, Milan – ContentWise™, the personalization, discovery and recommendations solution for digital TV content, will unveil the latest version of its industry-leading solution at IBC 2014. The next-generation solution, ContentWise 5, has been developed to help TV service providers address the growing consumer demand for more personalized video experiences, instantly connecting viewers to the most relevant movies, TV shows and live events available at any time and on any screen.

“We have introduced a range of powerful new features to ContentWise 5 to ensure we are giving operators the strongest tools possible to deliver engaging and captivating content and increase viewer consumption”, said Paolo Bozzola, CEO, ContentWise. “Whilst helping operators lower costs, reduce time-to-market and increase their ROI, ContentWise 5 provides operators the possibility to change UI behaviour without changing the code in the client applications”.

ContentWise 5 is packed with new features, such as personalization for linear TV and VOD services, simplified front-end integration and offline computing to enable users to enjoy new, relevant content, and operators to increase monetization of their content offering. New features of ContentWise 5 include:

  • Predictive Browsing – ContentWise analyzes what, when and where each user is watching and determines the ideal combination of content duration, type, structure and genre that best fits the discovery style and intent of each user. Operators can deliver a personalized navigation experience that shortens the path to content for each user leveraging basic catalog metadata with dynamic personalized folders on top of the standard navigation tree.
  • Personalized Genres – ContentWise identifies narrow interests and biases of each user and automatically generates pseudo-genres with “catchy” titles that stimulate user’s curiosity (e.g. “trending binge-viewed series”, “romantic movies set in France”, “TV Series with a strong female character”). Users gain increased perception of abundance and catalog depth, producing higher retention, which is especially critical for subscription services such as SVOD and pay-TV.
  • ContentWise Knowledge Factory -.It offers a set of metadata handling tools, a workflow manager and advanced semantic algorithms to maximize the value of data sources. The metadata tools control the ingestion, mashup, reconciliation and deduplication of data from multiple commercial and free data providers, including TMS, Rovi, IMDB, Wikipedia, and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. The ContentWise Knowledge Factory is able to reduce the editorial overhead on data quality by selectively focusing human intervention only when strictly needed, maximize the value of the aggregate available data sources by uncovering hidden relationships between content also optimizing ROI from third-party data licensing contracts.

The ContentWise UX Engine has also been updated to give operators more control over personalized UI elements without changes to client code. The new web-based control panel provides visual editorial tools that enable simultaneous reconfiguration of UI elements and front-end behaviours across set-top-boxes, web, iOS and Android. By taking a configuration-over-customization approach, ContentWise eliminates additional development costs, quality assurance and time-consuming re-submissions to app stores.

“ContentWise 5 epitomizes the next generation of personalized content discovery experiences, anticipating each user’s next action”, said Pancrazio Auteri, CTO, ContentWise. “What’s more, for today’s operators it offers a true game changer for UI freshness across VOD, linear and pay TV.”

ContentWise will be demonstrating its personalization, content discovery and recommendations solution at IBC 2014 on stand #14.K05 from 11-16 September at the RAI, Amsterdam.

Notes to Editors

Pancrazio Auteri will be hosting ContentWise’s webinar ‘Personalization: 10 Lessons Learned from Netflix’s Success’ on Wednesday 3 September, 17.00 BST.

ContentWise will be also exhibiting at IBC 2014 on stand #14.K05, from 11-16 September at the RAI, Amsterdam.

If you are interested in these events, please contact chloe.pope@platforpr.com

About ContentWise

ContentWise adds personalization to any multi-screen TV service.

ContentWise is the personalized discovery and recommendations software for cable, satellite, broadband, IPTV and streaming video operators.

ContentWise works with CMS platforms and front-end applications — on VOD, linear and pay TV — to deliver a personalized experience to end users and to provide management tools, reporting and analytics to content acquisition, marketing and editorial teams.

ContentWise’s global customer base includes leading operators such as Mediaset, Sky and TIM Brasil. ContentWise is a business unit of Moviri, leading provider of data mining and optimization solutions for enterprise IT systems and digital media.

Visit www.contentwise.tv to learn more about ContentWise.

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