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ContentWise Knowledge Factory: metadata augmentation out of the box

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We are pleased to announce the brand-new ContentWise Knowledge Factory, an enterprise-grade add-on to the ContentWise discovery solution that is designed to create semantic metadata mashups. Here’s the press release:

Milan November 2013 – ContentWise, the leading digital content discovery solution,  introduced today the commercial release of ContentWise Knowledge Factory, an enterprise-grade add-on to the ContentWise product that is designed to create semantic metadata mashups.

Knowledge Factory is an integrated suite of metadata processing tools built to deliver richer, more meaningful and deeply linked metadata of digital content. Better, richer metadata is the foundation to enable more innovative user experience features for users and more accurate matching and discovery of content.

Knowledge Factory enables ContentWise customers to semantically augment metadata related to each individual item of the operator’s catalogue. The augmented data makes possible creative and innovative ways to present digital content, such as personalized streams leveraging the new metadata available.

This commercial release includes also a new set of features for digital operators in addition to metadata augmentation, such as:

  • Metadata localization, enabling automatic translation and update in 30+ languages;

  • Editorial recommendations, giving a much wider possibility to generate and manage creative editorial lists;

  • Contextual discovery, automatically generating recommendations based on criteria like mood, location and topic of catalog items according to the real time situation.

“We announced ContentWise Knowledge Factory during the last IBC exhibition and it received terrific feedback from top industry executives.” Said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of Moviri, “Knowledge Factory fills a gap most operators encounter: meaningful and workable metadata for every item in their content catalogs. Operators can now gain insights from external sources, like Wikipedia,  to semantically augment their own metadata, allowing much deeper and wider information related to each individual content asset they manage”.

ContentWise is making Knowledge Factory available to customers and partners as of today.

About ContentWise

ContentWise is the cross-media, multiscreen content discovery solution for IPTV, OTT, VOD and linear TV. ContentWise produces personalized content recommendations, while empowering operators to maximise the return on their digital content catalogues.

With its integration-ready architecture and partner ecosystem, ContentWise is built to support high-volume, high-performance services. ContentWise is a business of Moviri, leading provider of data mining and optimization solutions for enterprise IT systems and digital media.

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