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Minerva and ContentWise Announce Definitive Partner and Resale Agreement

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We are pleased to announce that ContentWise and Minerva Networks are now commercial partners. We look forward to continue working ever more closely with our Minerva friends. Here’s the press release:

Las Vegas, NV, April 08, 2013 — Minerva Networks, a leading provider of software solutions for the delivery of television services over broadband networks, and ContentWise, a leader in cross-domain content discovery solutions, today announced a partner and global resale agreement. Minerva has integrated ContentWise, a recommendation engine for live and on demand content, with its iTVFusion service management platform, and will resell the combined solution worldwide. Service providers deploying Minerva’s award winning iTVFusion platform will be able to offer their subscribers a compelling and personalized content discovery experience powered by ContentWise.

“Pay TV operators will be able to reduce subscriber churn with a better user experience, and increase revenues with a higher purchase rate,” said Jean-Georges Fritsch, EVP of Products for Minerva. “Subscribers will enjoy access to the ContentWise platform from all the connected devices supported by iTVFusion.”

ContentWise, which specializes in personalized recommendations that increase content consumption and demand, will leverage Minerva’s existing analytics capabilities to offer content recommendations based on user consumption of linear and on demand content across set-top boxes, PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The agreement simplifies the licensing process and costs traditionally associated with third-party applications.

“I believe that adding out-of-the-box personalization and recommendation features to Minerva’s best-of-breed platform will set a new standard for user engagement in the pay TV market,” said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of ContentWise.

About Minerva Network

Minerva is the leading provider of carrier-class solutions for the delivery of television services over IP networks (TV-over-IP). Over 300 operators worldwide have deployed Minerva’s software platform for next-generation TV entertainment and communications services. For more information, visit www.minervanetworks.com

About ContentWise

ContentWise is the cross-media, multiscreen content discovery engine for digital TV, e-books, games, music, and application service providers. The engine produces personalized recommendations that increase consumption and demand of digital media content. ContentWise’s Business Rule and Insights Analytics enable operators to maximize the return on their digital content catalogs. The content discovery engine is built for high-volume, high-performance systems. Its easy to integrate architecture enables operators to deploy quickly and safely. For more information, visit www.contentwise.tv

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