ContentWise CTO introduces client-side recommendations technology at NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference

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Paolo Cremonesi, co-founder and chief technology officer of Moviri, and the person behind ContentWise’s core technology research, has the distinct honor of presenting a white paper on the advances of recommendation engine technology at this year’s NAB Show 2012 in Las Vegas.

The paper, titled “Client-side Recommendations: Content Discovery Systems for One-Way Broadcast Networks” will be included in the proceedings of the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference, in the “Next Digital Transition for Television” track.

This presentation will offer a novel approach to the integration of recommender systems and personalization in one-way media broadcasting configurations, even when a return channel is not available. Various types of recommendation technologies will be outlined, including demographic approaches, content-based filtering, and specifically, collaborative filtering, which still can be used regardless of the fact that the delivery systems in question only allow for one-way communication.

These solutions enable several possible personalization and targeting applications there were previously not possible in broadcast systems, like for example:

  • Push VOD, where a broadcaster can pre-load a subset of the content catalog to a customer DVR disk based on a prediction of what content that household is most likely to prefer
  • EPG Recommendations, where programming  metadata is pushed to the set-top box and the set-top box provides recommendations on the customer programming guide
  • Targeted Advertising, where the operator pre-loads a tailored set of ads on the customer set-top box and is able to insert personalized ads in linear TV and VOD.
Cremonesi’s presentation will begin at 5 p.m., Sunday, April 15 in room S225 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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