Goodbye Neptuny, welcome Movìri

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Dear All,

if you have come across this short piece of writing you’ve probably just laid your eyes on one of the announcements with a headline like “BMC buys Neptuny”.

Today BMC Software (NYSE: BMC) acquired Caplan, the capacity management product that recently gained tremendous market traction, analyst appraisal and market success. With this technology acquisition BMC acquired also  Neptuny’s trademark, Neptuny’s co-founder, Fabio Violante, and part of the former Neptuny’s R&D, Sales & Presales teams. This is a tremendous achievement resulting from an exceptional group of people and a business model made of a mix of love for technology, passion, hard work and integrity. I wish the old colleagues and friends to bring (I am sure they will) the same spirit into the BMC team.

This same spirit will continue from now on to live under a new brand and name, Movìri.

Movìri is a relevant player; retains 100% of the clients, 80% of the people and business and will deploy 110% of the passion. We’ll have the same office, the same business partners, the same company structure including the network of subsidiaries in UK and US. We will continue to work on and with Caplan, serving our customers worldwide, as 100% of Caplan’s consulting skills and know-how stays with Moviri. This is a giant leap forward.

More than ever, we are ‘the’ IT optimization experts. We make your applications run faster, use less resources and meet business demands. We enable your infrastructure capacity planning and virtualization initiatives. We help you gain full control over your IT governance processes and assets. We are still the ones striving to blend university research, fresh ideas and delivery ability to serve our customers. The team behind is the same that has served you and other top enterprise customers for more than 10 years.

We look forward to continue to do so.

Yours sincerely


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