Recommendation Engines: when the rubber hits the road

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Amsterdam, September 28th 2009 – Neptuny received huge interest and attendance at the latest IBC, which took place in Amsterdam last week, where Neptuny was exhibiting in the IPTV Zone.

Neptuny presented ContentWise, the Recommendation Engine specifically designed for Digital Media content.

Among the several improvements, which will be introduced later this month, for ContentWise 3.0, the most important feature is a user-friendly web interface to define and apply business rules to better control the list of content to be recommended to target users according to specific marketing criteria. For example, business rules can be defined to assign higher relevance to specific content, i.e. push content from specific studio producers that generates higher revenues or create marketing campaign based on users tastes and profiles. This allows operators to easily leverage the content recommendation capabilities provided by ContentWise recommendation engine.

ContentWise user interface for managing business rules is based on portal technology and has been designed and implemented so as to be easily customized in order to match specific needs and thus to allow operators to further exploit ContentWise recommendation engine capabilities.

ContentWise user interface also provides an easy access to standard and custom reports generated by ContentWise embedded reporting platform. These reports give insight on the business and help the operator to evaluate how the recommendations are affecting users’ choice.

Stefano Moscetti, Neptuny Business Development Leader for ContentWise, comments “Recommendation engines are now recognized as an essential component for successful IPTV/OTT video services. ContentWise has already demonstrated its ability to effectively support operators in providing a personalized TV experience and improve revenues. ContentWise 3.0 will constitute a step further, because it makes possible to analyze users’ behaviour while keeping into account operators’ needs (i.e. applying business rules and marketing campaigns)”.

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