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Automate routine tasks, integrate customer relationship data to make better-informed products, merchandising, and marketing decisions.

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Product Imagery Metadata Extraction

Create a granular data enriching process with AI-generated product image tagging and description

Retrieve meta information from a product picture in a blink of an eye to create informative tags and meaningful multilanguage descriptions based on brands writing style and guidelines.

Product Metadata Standardization

Harmonize and integrate product meta description from different sources to create a fine-grained catalog.

Source and merge (metadata) Bill of Materials from any third-party supplier, augment and dynamically adapt each description to showcase a uniform, rich, and curated online catalog.

Predictive Merchandising Standardization

Exploit business intelligence insights to allow merchandiser a more informed buying season planning.

Correlate products with market information and generate AI-based predictions that reflect on-season and historic performances, future trends, and brand strategies to enrich merchandising vision.


Auto Tagging

Image-based product information recognition and retrieval


AI-generated coherent and meaningful description and tags


Contextual and automatic translation in 12+ languages

Centralized Collaboration

Teams cross-collaboration regardless of location

Catalog Optimization

Uniform descriptions and tags formats from any source


AI-generated seasonal business intelligence insights