ContentWise Showroom helps digital merchandising teams, retail, and e-commerce leaders simplify and automate complex and error-prone tasks, delivering uniquely tailored digital and personalized experiences at scale.

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Showroom for Digital Merchandising

Shorten time to market and make better-informed product decisions by automating routine tasks and integrating customer relationship data.


AI-driven automation of essential but error-prone and time-consuming tasks

Content Generation

Generate multilanguage tags and description directly from pictures

Data Cleansing

Import and optimize items from any third party suppliers

Predictive Intelligence

On-season and historic performances future trends

Showroom for E-commerce

Dynamically redesign the digital experience around user preferences, styles, and intent to uplift satisfaction, repurchase rate, and loyalty.

Concierge-like Personalization

A memorable and unique online shopping experience

Bespoke Experience

Full-page personalization that adapts to customers needs and intent

Individual Styles

AI-generated individual styles that customers love

Personalized Outfits

Suggests the best clothes combination to complete custom outfits

Showroom for Clienteling

Empower your retail salesforce to grow customer relations over time with targeted, context-relevant, and timely information.

Leverage the Complete Picture

Let your retail staff better serve and assist the most valuable customers

Real-life Customer Insights

Collect specific product and customer-related hidden information

CRM Integration

Combine CRM data with richer and nuanced customer information

Assisted Customer Relationship

AI-powered in-store individual proposals and customized offers